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          Enter one of our electrical engineering contests or giveaways below for a chance to win development boards, evaluation kits, oscilloscopes and more.


          Ultra Cool Supercapacitor Giveaway Contest

          In partnership with Eaton & Mouser Electronics

          Register below to enter!

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          Microchip CryptoAuth Trust Platform Development Kit Giveaway

          In partnership with Avnet Silica

          Register to enter this development kit giveaway!

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          Participate in DRL Search User Testing to Win an Amazon Giftcard

          In partnership with Dynamic Range Labs

          Register below for an opportunity to participate in hands-on search user testing with DRL reps and win a $100 Amazon gift card.

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          EBV Elektronik and Xilinx Adaptable Automotive Solutions Giveaway

          In partnership with EBV Elektronik

          Register to win $3000 in automotive technology.

          Giveaway has Ended

          Digilent Eclypse Z7 Bundle Giveaway

          In partnership with Digilent

          Register to enter this lab kit giveaway.

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          Coilcraft RF and Power Magnetics Kit Giveaways

          In partnership with Coilcraft

          Register to enter this lab kit giveaway.

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          Future Electronics Microchip GoodLock Giveaway

          In partnership with Future Electronics

          Register below to enter our partnered giveaway with Future Electronics to win a Microchip GoodLock Board.

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          ON Semiconductor NCV7692 Current Controller Development Board Giveaway

          In partnership with On Semiconductor

          Join our partnered giveaway for a chance to win a NCV7692 current controller device.